Use your own smartphone or a BidPal device.

With BidPal’s automated auctions, guests can use their own smartphone or receive a BidPal device pre-loaded with every auction item including description, photo, value, bid increments, and donor information. Guests may browse the silent auction area to view the auction items but they use their phone or BidPal device to do their bidding from anywhere at any time during the event.

BidPal notifies guests when they have been outbid, eliminating the need to constantly return to the silent auction area. Guests also have the option to set a maximum bid amount and let BidPal automatically increase their bid if necessary. This instant access generates competitive bidding and helps increase funds raised for your organization.

BidPal also opens up additional revenue streams. With BidPal, a “Make a Donation” button on the home page allows attendees to make a cash donation on the spot. When implemented in conjunction with a carefully orchestrated appeal and BidPal’s Scoreboard® that shows real-time donation revenue, organizations can add thousands of dollars to their bottom line in just minutes.

At auction end, guests know immediately which items they’ve won and can instantly check out. BidPal’s post-event reports slice and dice the auction data in ways that most organizations do not pursue. Understanding what worked and what didn’t can help organizations plan an even more successful auction in the future.

BidPal’s automated auctions allow guests to:

  • Bid from anywhere at any time
  • Receive instant outbid alerts
  • Create a watch list of favorite items
  • Enable auto-bidding using maximum bids
  • Utilize the “Buy Now” feature
  • View items with no bids
  • Fund a need or donate cash
  • Receive instant notification of items won
  • See real-time results and donation proceeds on the Scoreboard®
  • Instantly check out*
  • Receive an email receipt and skip the checkout line*

* Only with purchase of payment processing

The BidPal Process

BidPal representatives walk you through the entire event process – before, during and after the auction – to ensure the event goes smoothly and auction proceeds are maximized.


  • Access your myBidPal Planner™ personal online event management website 24/7
  • Directly manage event guests, donors & auction packages online
  • Benefit from best practices and industry guidelines
  • Ensure a success with a comprehensive site survey
  • Receive one-on-one consulting regarding item data, registration, checkout, sponsorship opportunities and Scoreboard® displays

Day of the Event

  • Expert BidPal technical and event staff on-site
  • Set-up and monitoring of wireless technology
  • Volunteer training on how to BidPal
  • Execution of Scoreboard®, rotating sponsor logos and scrolling messages
  • Instant updates on total auction proceeds
  • Announcement recommendations based on bidding activity
  • Ability to immediately open checkout at auction end
  • Real-time reports and receipts facilitating no-hassle Express Checkouts
Post-Event Follow-UpBidPal’s robust reporting helps you analyze your auction success and tailor future events to your most valuable items and donors.

  • Complete Item Analysis
  • Proceeds by Category
  • Fixed Price Items
  • Watched Items List
  • Checkout Receipts
  • Bidder Activity
  • Fund a Need & VIP Donors
  • Items with No Bids
  • Buy Now Items
  • Payment History


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